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KAST holds a standard range of medical products under its production. We supply these products regularly under our own trademark or any of our clients’ private labels.   

As an O.E.M manufacturer, the combined facilities and staff at KAST can follow through from start to finish with the production of components for medical devices and all types of comlete health care products according to desired specifications.     

All manufacturing is in compliance with the food and medical requirements of the following:

  • FDA  CFR  21  177.600
  • BGW
  • USP  Class  VI
  • ISO  9001 : 2015

    Most of the products are produced in clean room environment and treated with high care and professionality.

    At KAST we produce silicone tourniquets (for vein/arterial use). Silicone rubber tourniquets have a substantially longer shelf life when compared to existing black organic rubber tourniquets. The estimated shelf life is 16 years, with no need for re-packing.

    Silicone Tourniquets have a superior resistance to weather and atmospheric conditions  

    Or even radiation. Therefore, they can be stored with the confidence that in a time of emergency, they will retain their initial strength and mechanical properties and will remain in perfect condition.


Our silicone tourniquets are supplied any color with the following profile:


·         Thickness = 0.8 ± 0.1 mm

·         Width = 65 ± 1 mm

·         Length = 2000 ± 50 mm

·         Hardness =  47 ± 5 Shore “A” 

·         Elongation = 650 ± 100 % 

CE registration no.:  DE/CA22/419-76

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