KAST Silicon Devices


KAST produces all types of silicone profiles in all shapes desired, for uses of sealing and/or, gaskets and insulation. These profiles are available in a quality approved for industrial, medical and food contexts use.

We are able to produce custom made extruded profiles out of silicone rubber that meet any desired specifications including shape, color and firmness, all of which can interface with various medical or food grade requirements and with different mechanical properties, suited to meet our clients’ needs.

Alongside silicone profiles, we also offer the production of silicone seals & gaskets for autoclaves and steam sterilizers. Furthermore, we produce silicone rubber stoppers -
translucent bungs suitable for sealing glass and plastic flasks suited for sealing vessels containing biological solutions. These silicone rubber stoppers comply fully with the food and medical requirements of the FDA , BGW and USP.

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