KAST Silicon Devices

Quality Policy

KAST quality policy is to produce and develop silicone products for different areas based on the customers' requirements. Every single employee is committed to this quality policy and is doing his best to reach the customers' requirements, starting from receiving raw material, production and assembly planning and packaging and delivering. 

The described quality system written below is coordinated with ISO 9001:2015  and is meant to reach 2 main targets: achieving customer satisfaction and constantly improve our operational processes by identifying various malfunctions in the different phases of the production process, highlighting the problems, solving them and avoiding them being repeated. For this purpose, KAST management is attributing the required resources and beyond to reach a quality system that reflects its vision. 

The quality principles are as follows: 

a.    The quality system is designated to increase the quality awareness of the company for all various divisions such as development, engineering, purchasing, production and marketing. 

b.    The quality system will be implemented based on the quality procedures of KAST which will be available to any employee. 

c.    KAST management will strive to have continues effective improvement by validating the implementation of the company quality processes. 

d.    KAST management will have at least once a year an open discussion on quality issues. In this discussion the QA manager will present all his quality findings and annual training and improvement plans. KAST management will monitor the action items coming out of this discussion using various quantitive KPIs. 

e.    KAST management will check the customers' satisfaction, reduction of scrap and meeting the annual quality timetable. 

f.     KAST management will encourage the openness and importance of the quality issues with its employees and support the QA training plan. 

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