KAST Silicon Devices

OEM Production

KAST can offer a complete technological package as an O.E.M. manufacturer. 

Our technological expertise which are carried in-house include:


·         product  development  

·         engineering  and  design-input  

·         extrusion  

·         injection-molding, transfer- molding, compression-molding  

·         tool  and  die-making 

·         assembly and packaging.   


In addition, we complement our own Tools & Dies department by cooperating externally with expert mold-makers of the highest professional degree. We cooperate with sub-contractors for the sterilization of our products, which are sterilized either by gamma-radiation or ETO – gas. 


The KAST team is comprised of engineers, technicians and professional production personnel who will accompany your project from the technical drawing stage, right through to actual production. 


With the assistance of our company’s in-house tooling facility and expert technicians we are able to achieve a first prototype quite quickly, and then move on to full scale production. 

We offer our expertise in the production of any type of desired component or final product, package with your own private label. 

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